We Are Real Estate

The international property show We Are Real Estate aims to become the umbrella body for uniting all professionals in the world of property under one and the same philosophy. As property professionals, we are very much aware of our responsibility to the generations that come after us and are actively looking for ways to give creative shape to the real estate of the future. We base ourselves on the question: how can we bring the development of property into step with the changes that are going on in the world? How do we find a balance between demographics and property? And how can we deal sustainably with the amount of space we have available?   To answer these and other pressing questions, We Are Real Estate brings a wide range of property professionals together in one place. Providing awareness, information and inspiration is key to doing so.   We Are Real Estate aims to be the leading show for all property professionals. A place where there is room for dialogue about all things related to real estate – in total openness.