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What to post on social media

Presumably you have already announced that you’ll have a stand at the exhibition on all social media platforms. Of course you have also informed everyone about why they need to stop by your stand…and now what? When creating your social media communications strategy you need to consider that varying your messages is vital. Below are several suggestions of message types that could be of interest (don’t forget to link relevant photos). Message about the preparations: check out our lovely stand design for #exhibition hashtag; our stand team being trained for the #exhibition hashtag; our latest product en route to the #exhibition hashtag; the bar at stand 326 is almost ready for the opening of #exhibition hashtag;

Invite people: @AttendeeDoctor let’s catch up next week at the #exhibition hashtag; @AttendeeDoctor when will you be at the #exhibition hashtag – shall we set a meeting time?; A surprise is waiting for @AttendeeDoctor at stand number 326 at the #exhibition hashtag

Let it be known that you’ll be enthusiastically awaiting your visitors: The stand team of #CompanyName is ready for your visit at #exhibition hashtag; Come get an answer to all your questions about #topic at stand 326 at #exhibition hashtag; What’s the big blue balloon in the back of hall 7 at #exhibition hashtag? That’s where the #CompanyName team will greet you with a cup of coffee

Share positive vibes in regards to the exhibition (and don’t talk about yourself this time round): the #exhibition hashtag has just opened its doors and the place is already really busy, if you’re at the #exhibition hashtag then you should definitely stop by the impressive innovation pavilion; #OtherCompanyName just gave a great presentation at #exhibition hashtag – compliments to them!

Share your exhibition success stories: lots of positive reactions received about our premiums at #exhibition hashtag; Prime Minister #markrutte takes interest in our latest product at #exhibition hashtag – stand 326; Had to get extra brochures delivered seeing as they’re flying out the door at #exhibition hashtag!

Last call for the final round: last chance to check out our innovative solution for #topic at the back of hall 7 at #exhibition hashtag; come to our networking reception at stand 326 at #exhibition hashtag; it’s nice and busy at our stand so come and join the fun #exhibition hashtag

Follow-up and look back: @AttendeeDoctor it was great to see you again and catch up at #exhibition hashtag; tomorrow we’ll start following-up on all our 32 follow-up appointments made at #exhibition hashtag!; Sorry you couldn’t make it to #exhibition hashtag; respond to this tweet and we’ll send you our new brochure.