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These items are essential for an exhibition stand

An exhibition stand represents many things, but first and foremost it is always a temporary construction that has been set up to foster and facilitate the establishment of contacts. The following items are crucial for efficiently following up with your new contacts later on.

  • (Pre-printed) forms that can be used to jot down a short summary of your discussion, and order forms
  • Business cards and documentation sets
  • Binders for filing your contacts in order of priority, region, concerned sales person, and/or product group (you should do your filing at the end of each day)
  • Office material (stapler and staple remover, paper clips, pens, pencils, markers, notepads…)
  • Chargers for your visitors’ smartphones and tablets
  • Some petty cash for toilet breaks!

For larger stands

For larger stands you will also require several items that can help you to swiftly resolve smaller incidents: the accidental ripping of a poster from the wall, scratches and light damage caused by the moving around of furniture, stains from spilled drinks, etc…

  • Super glue, tape, double-sided tape, Velcro tape (negative and positive sides), rope/string
  • Selection of screw drivers, hammer and a selection of nails, self-tapping screws, thumb tacks
  • Stapler gun with staples, cutter, plastic film
  • Fire extinguisher, first aid kit
  • Extension cables, multi-plugs, spare light bulbs
  • Paint (the stand’s colour), paint brushes, white spirit
  • Cleaning products and cloths
  • Vacuum cleaner, dustpan and brush
  • Flashlight