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‘Design’ your stand staff members too

Your stand and visuals have gotten the brand communication treatment, but what about your stand staff members? After all, it’s primarily the interaction between your staff and the visitors that’s going to determine the success of your exhibition participation. So make sure to also ‘design’ those who represent your brand. Investing in exhibition outfits is something that is bound to pay off. It emanates a professional look and visitors can immediately identify who represents the company. It will also help the staff be more conscious of the fact that they are ‘on stage’ and that their roles at the exhibition are quite different from the ones they play in their daily routines. More over, being similarly attired is conducive to strengthening team spirit.

Pick out an outfit that corresponds to the look and feel of your stand. Adding an eye-catching accessory or single item of clothing, which makes your staff members stand out from the crowd, is a good idea. This will not only enhance their recognisability, but will also result in the visitors remembering their contact with them for far longer.
Keep in mind that it is important for your staff members to feel comfortable wearing the outfit. If you plan to dress them up in something that’s quite different from what they’re used to wearing (work wise), then you will need to, convincingly, explain your reasons for doing so (you should have a good reason!). It is preferable to go for light and airy clothes; temperatures at a stand can soar and nobody wants to be chatting with someone suffering from excessive sweating.
And, an important reminder: don’t forget good shoes!