Check your stand’s location before confirming your agreement | Expovisie

Check your stand’s location before confirming your agreement

Are you allowed to select your stand’s location or is one being assigned to you? If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, we advise that you first check the below matters before making any commitments:

Are there any columns/pillars in front of your stand? Many exhibitors are faced with this issue sooner or later; a column or pillar that the organisers forgot to include in their floor plans. Sure, you can complain about it, but it’s far more sensible to focus your energy on making sure that your exhibit’s going to be a success regardless of the issue. It is up to the organisers to be rigorous about things like this.

Where are the connection and supply points for electricity, data cables, and water as well as water drainage? The same applies here as for the previous point; there is nothing more annoying than discovering, during set-up, that the water from your bar can’t be evacuated via a drainage system….and so you end up with some kind of hindering pipe construction (or electrical cables, depending on the problem) next to your stand to ensure drainage.

Who are your neighbours going to be? This is not necessarily something that the organisers can already let you know in the early planning stages. In any case, communicate with your neighbours in regards to any particularities that you are planning on for your exhibit, such as the playing of music or giving loud presentations. Will your eye-catching visual on top of your stand be visible or will it be hidden from sight by what your neighbours put up?